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Beautiful floors are something that will make you feel good about your investment. Trust that Earthwerks® offers accessories to assist you in caring for that investment, from start to finish.


  • Why underlayment?

    Why underlayment? The importance of underlayment stems from everything including: thermal insulation and comfort underfoot, to sound control. In fact, Earthwerks® EW-48U underlayment is the highest rated and most effective acoustical barrier on the market and provides unsurpassed footfall noise reduction. Additionally, Earthwerks® EW-52CC cork underlayment is environmentally friendly because it is 100% recycled content.

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  • Choosing an Adhesive

    Without proper adhesive, floors will not sit properly, or at all. Earthwerks® vinyl plank and tile adhesive is designed to prevent slippage and minimize gaps in your floor. It is very important to follow directions on any adhesive and ensure proper substrate preparation is available. Ensure the floor is sound, smooth, level and free of depressions.

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