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What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring?

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which is now widely referred to as LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) or LVF (Luxury Vinyl Flooring). LVT is a layered tile or plank consisting of PVC, print film and embossed wear layer that boasts beautiful designs, diverse functionality and affordability.

At EarthWerks, we have been sourcing LVT for over 40 years. Primarily sourced in China, Taiwan and Korea, we use our generations of relationships and sourcing experience to bring you the best in manufacturing excellence for our flooring. In 1978, we began sourcing self-stick tiles, which have evolved to numerous sizes and constructions of vinyl products. EarthWerks has a proven track record that truly stands the test of time – offering excellent flooring style, service and availability you can trust.


How is LVT Made?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is composed of laminated layers of PVC substrate, print film design, and a wear layer that is usually enhanced with a coating for superior durability.

Foundation Layer

The foundation consists of base layer(s) of PVC. These layers create the structural range of your tile or plank and differ based on the overall thickness of the specification. The Balancing Layer is the bottom layer of PVC and contains a higher content of PVC resin and/or plasticizer to balance the product with the top layer (wear layer) and the multiple base layers. The foundation is measured in millimeters (mm).

The foundation layer varies by the performance needs of the product. EarthWerks offers products in a range of 2mm to 7mm thicknesses, dependent on the product construction type and performance needs.

Design Layer

The Design Layer is the printed decorative film that allows your floor to come to life! Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) has come a long way in the past twenty years. The products are more realistic due to enhanced technologies in printing and embossing. EarthWerks offers a wide variety of stone and hardwood options to fit any décor.

Performance / Wear Layer

Using the best wear layers and coatings make a difference. The wear layer is what we see and touch once the product is installed. Superior wear layers are critical for performance, as well as allowing the design layer to come to life. At EarthWerks, we coat our products with TuffShield enhancement for ultimate durability and scratch resistance.

Most wear layers range in thickness from ~0.15mm to 0.8mm. Performance/wear layers are referred to in “mm” or in “mils”. Mils are calculated as 4 mils = 0.1 mm. Example: A 20 mil product is equal to a 0.5mm wear layer.

Is LVT / LVP Flooring Waterproof?

Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is constructed primarily of PVC materials, making this product waterproof. However, please note that glue-down LVT / LVP uses chemicals in the adhesive that may NOT be waterproof. Only click, floating installation vinyl products are truly considered waterproof, as they do not require additional materials / adhesives to install and can be easily replaced.

What are the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Low maintenance
  • Vinyl flooring are maintained with regular light cleaning and is more cost effective than periodic heavy maintenance, which is also more beneficial to the floor covering

  • Affordable
  • Vinyl flooring is a great alternative to real hardwood and tile – it is easier to maintain, more cost effective, has a simpler installation and looks great

  • Pet friendly
  • With the waterproof attributes of vinyl flooring, pet accidents are much more easily cleaned, and the enhanced wear layers are more durable against abrasive use

  • Hygienic
  • The cleanability attributes of vinyl flooring make it an excellent choice when needing or wanting a superior product for hygienic needs

  • Applications of LVT / LVP Flooring

  • EarthWerks products are perfect for any residential flooring needs! Our easy to install CORE collection are easy to install, built to last and offer the best in style assortment!

  • Commercial
  • With a wide range of 20mil Heavy Commercial options, the EarthWerks Performance Collection is the go-to assortment for high-design and ultimate performance.

  • Retail
  • EarthWerks has a vast array of styling and installation methods for the retail environment. All of our products are stocked in Texas and supported by a nationwide distribution channel, so we are ready for you!

  • Offices
  • Low maintenance, affordable and professional. EarthWerks LVF is the perfect solution for the professional office, doctor’s office or even the home office. Look no further for the assortment that has it all!

  • Green4Life (G4L) Program

    EarthWerks Green4Lie (G4L) program embodies green efforts for future generations. When you buy EarthWerks products, you know you’re green conscious because all our vinyl flooring options are recyclable and manufactured in energy-efficient facilities. G4L by EarthWerks is your assurance that all of our products include many of the following attributes:

  • Contain recycled content
  • Can be repurposed and used again
  • Can be reclaimed and recycled into other products
  • Maintain FloorScore Certification
  • Manufactured in ISO 14001 / 9001 energy-efficient facilities and meet and exceed the required ASTM standards

  • EarthWerks created the Green4Life program to bring awareness to Reclaim, Recycle and Reuse. Our flooring solutions are a step in the right direction.